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Weekly Data Backups

In a world where one missing comma or bracket from your code make a huge difference to your web site, having an efficient backup is critical. And when you manage a full server, albeit a virtual one, owning a full server backup which can be restored swiftly is priceless. This is just what we provide with our OpenVZ VPS servers - a variety of full server backups each week, created entirely automatically from us, without affecting the server functionality and needing just about any effort from you. The backup services are available with all OpenVZ VPS servers, regardless of their rate or feature list. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Let your OpenVZ VPS server function as a central hub of your worldwide web presence. Due to the unlimited hosted domains provided with all of our OpenVZ VPS servers you're able to finally have all of your domain names together and maintained from a single place. Also, with our web hosting control panel, you can manage both your domains and your sites in a simple manner. No more need for extra domain or billing panels. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

Control your web sites and domains with minimum effort, when using the no cost Web Hosting Control Panel, provided with all of our OpenVZ VPS servers. Built to function exclusively together with our hardware and software configuration, our control panel is noticeably quicker than any other control panel on the market. And it’s jam-packed with handy bonuses and tools you’re able to use.It helps you to efficiently manage your domains and web sites from the very same location, without the necessity of further billing panels. Furthermore, it removes the needs for FTP clients having the capability to easily upload files through a secure connection directly using your web browser window. With a fully fledged Email Manager, Database Manager and a detailed Stats Manager, you will find all of the tools you need easily available and quickly accessible. And don’t forget to take advantage of our website accelerators, included completely free, that are made entirely to enhance the speed of your web sites and web applications. Free Control Panel

Free Bonuses

Each of our OpenVZ VPS servers features an array of cost-free bonuses. You will get a no cost dedicated IP address, which can help you make your site easily distinguishable, by adding a much desired layer of individuality and that is necessary should you wish to install an SSL certificate for your website. If you are searching to promptly create a business enterprise, you should check out our no charge reseller hosting tools - a domain reseller account and billing software. With a combined value of more than $300.00 USD, they'll enable you to easily start your hosting business from scratch.And don’t forget, all of the control panel options we provide with our OpenVZ VPS servers come with their unique collection of cost-free bonuses, different for each and every CP. Free Bonuses

Data Center Choices

If you decide to go with the OpenVZ VPS servers available from Google Web Scan, you will be able to select your data center’s position. Choosing the correct data center location will have a great impact over your web site’s efficiency and also the browsing experience of your website visitors - a data center nearer to them will allow your site to load noticeably faster for them. If your website is found around the globe from your market, your visitors will see slow loading times.With us, you'll be able to choose from a US data center, in Chicago, a UK data center just outside of London as well as an AU data center, based in the core of Sydney. Each data center gives you exceptional connectivity options, fantastic hosting conditions in addition to a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. And the rate remains the very same, no matter which data center you pick. Data Center Choices

Full Root Access

In case you are tired of the limits of regular shared hosting accounts, our OpenVZ VPS servers are a fantastic solution for you. Each of our servers comes with full root access. Which means that it is possible to make any changes to the software on your server - from modifying minor details in your PHP setup, to recompiling the Apache and even setting up a new OS. All you need to work with is an SSH-enabled client, which you can find for virtually any Internet connected unit. If you want help in working with your VPS, you can always get hold of our 24/7 tech support team. Full Root Access
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